Was that great or what?! Who doesn’t love the Maccabeats!?!?


There are 8 crazy nights left until Pesach (aka Passover – think The Prince of Egypt)!  That’s not very much time to:

  1. clean your house of chametz (anything leavened like bread or cereal)
  2. come up with a menu for the holiday (nudge nudge,brisket and tsimmes (a slop of carrots, other root veggies, and dried fruits) is so 1960’s!)
  3. buy all the groceries (don’t forget to stock up on nutella to go with your 80 boxes of Matza)
  4. pull the table leaves and folding chairs out of the basement, or the garage, or storage, or your mom’s house
  5. set up your dining room (fancy table cloths, napkin rings, candle stick holders, your used once a year Passover plates, etc…)
  6. make place cards so that your sister doesn’t sit next to your mom cause you remember that thing that happened last year right? Not good!
  7. buy flowers
  8. burn a shank bone and set off the smoke alarm
  9. make charoset (a delicious blend of fruits, nuts, and wine that should really be enjoyed EVERY day of the year!)
  10. work and sleep and live your regularly scheduled life!

Don’t worry, we got your covered! Lucky for you we know all about battling the crowds at Sobey’s and can pick up your D-P, M-P, F-P, or Glatt-P (Kosher for Passover) foods. Or we can just pick you up a box of Matza, some tomato sauce and a block of cheese if you’re Kosher for Passover-ish.


Whatever it is you need help with, I Dream of Jodi will make this years Sedar so much easier on you! Contact us now to book.

8 crazy nights

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