“I’m sorry for the things I said when it was winter.” — Canadians

Spring has finally sprung! The smell of worms is in the air, and human beings are coming out of hibernation!

I grew up in the suburbs of Toronto, and every morning the sound of birds woke me from my slumber. Loud… chirping… morning birds. Also, an obnoxious woodpecker named Woody. They drove me nuts! But when I moved away from the lush backyards and the big box stores into the bustling city, it was the only thing I missed (well, except for Woody – I didn’t miss him at all!).

Along with the start of bird season, spring is a time of growth and change. On April 1, five years ago, I decided it was a time to for me to change my career. After running a graphic design and photography company for 15 years, I needed something different. I needed to feel passionate about and interested in what I was doing each day, and I wanted to feel like I was helping people. From that, I Dream of Jodi was born!

I’ve received so much amazing support over the past five years: from friends, people I’ve worked with in the past, an amazing group of business owners I belong to, but mostly from my mother who sends emails to all her friends about I Dream of Jodi, keeps my business cards in her office, and always gives me really great advice! (FYI: She’s an amazing therapist, so if you know anyone who could use some mad skillz, there is no better time than now to use or refer my mom. See below for more info.) As my way of showing thanks to all of you for your support over the last five amazing years and to celebrate the anniversary, I’m giving away a prize to one lucky person. Check below for more details!

Happy Spring!


As a small token of our appreciation, I Dream of Jodi wants to say thank you for all your support!

To win the prize, create a list of the top five things you wish you had a Personal Concierge to do for you and then send it to us at idreamofjodi@gmail.com by Friday, April 13, 2018, along with your phone number so we can contact you if you are the winner! If you have no idea what a Personal Concierge does, click here.

The prize is your choice of one of the following:

  • 3 a la carte hours of service from I Dream of Jodi (Valued at $135)
  • A beautiful flower bouquet on (or around) Mother’s day (Pick up or Delivery to Toronto only) (Valued at $80)
  • A $25 LCBO gift card

For official contest rules, click here.


We need to make some changes to our pricing structure. It’s important to us to continue to make our services affordable, and we want to keep offering great value. By slightly increasing our rates, we’ll be able to bring on more help, which will allow for a faster response time and the ability to get to your jobs quicker! We’ve listened to feedback, and here is what’s changing:

  1. We are eliminating the less popular 5 hr package.
  2. We are changing our monthly retainer package to a 30 hr package.

You can see our new rates on our website at www.idreamofjodi.com/rates

PROMO: Purchase a 5hr or 10hr package by April 9, 2018, to take advantage of our old rates.

I Dream of Jodi’s offices will be closed from May 2 – May 13. We will not be reachable during that time but will respond to your requests when the office reopens on May 14. If you would like to place orders for gifts or flowers to be delivered on or before Mother’s Day, please contact us at idreamofjodi@gmail.com by April 27.

A lot of our clients show us gratitude when we help them with their tasks, but nothing we do gets as many thank yous as when we help our clients organize their homes. Some of our clients have even told us that they are now using an entirely different part of their brain than ever before! Spring is the perfect season for organizing your space and clearing out the clutter. If you’d like a hand, we are here to help. To get a head start, here are 15 items to get rid of:

  1. Old magazines
  2. Old manuals
  3. Extra cords
  4. Games with missing pieces
  5. Broken toys
  6. Old makeup and nail polish
  7. Earrings without a match
  8. Towels that are falling apart
  9. Socks without a match
  10. Old pillows
  11. Expired food
  12. Restaurant Sauce packets
  13. Old cleaning supplies
  14. Excess Tupperware
  15. Expired medication


We love supporting local businesses who are awesome! Supporting local goes beyond dollars being kept within your community. Small business owners are more likely to strengthening partnerships among neighbours, residents, other small business owners, community leaders, and schools. Each newsletter we’ll feature someone we think you may want to support too.
Eva Goldfinger has been an emotional and philosophical therapist and counsellor since 1984, bringing her warmth, compassion, and wisdom to thousands of people. She helps individuals, couples, and families gain insight and confidence and learn coping mechanisms, enabling them to grow, excel, and create calm and happiness in their lives. Eva runs open-ended sessions enabling deeper, more effective, and speedier work, thus reducing the overall cost of therapy/counselling. Eva:

  • is an expert at pre-marital, intermarriage, and blended family counselling;
  • runs workshops, seminars, and counselling for corporations and their employees;
  • leads workshops and seminars for parents and offspring (ages 7 – 25);
  • accepts clients who are under the care of a psychiatrist and properly medicated to help them deal with life stresses; and
  • helps clients with anger and stress management skills.
Eva Goldfinger
Finch & Don Mills Office


At I Dream of Jodi, we believe that giving back to the communities in which we live and work is an essential component of our values.  For the entire month of April, I Dream of Jodi will be donating a portion of every 10 hour package sold toward a local nonprofit. 

Not Far From The Tree is a Toronto-based fruit picking project inspired by three things: the spirit of sharing, the desire to give back to our community, and a passion for environmentally sustainable living.

Torontonians with fruit-bearing trees often have fruit to spare – everything from apples, pears, and grapes to sumac, apricots, and elderberry! Once they register their tree, Not Far From The Tree will pick their fruit and divvy up the harvest three ways: between the homeowner, their volunteers, and local food banks, shelters and community kitchens.


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