How is it almost February already?  I can’t believe how quickly time flies.  It seems like yesterday we were lighting candles, humming Christmas carols, and avoiding malls at all costs.  December is filled with lively holidays, January scores New Years day and a month of recovering from the holidays, and then there is February, cold and dreary and did I mention cold?  With Valentine’s and Family day quickly approaching lovers everywhere are smooching and laughing, while families are looking forward to a day off of work and taking their kids to the zoo or skating at Toronto City Hall. February means different things to different people, which category do you belong to:


The Lonely single: curling up in your snuggie watching Bridgette Jones’s Diary and eating a tub of Häagen-Dazs Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream, crying yourself to sleep wondering why you can’t find a normal boyfriend.  The Solution: You need ice cream, tissues, and a previous viewed copy of Bridgette Jones’s stat.  And NO – it’s not okay to go to Sobey’s in your pajamas.  Contact us and we’ll pick up and deliver everything for you.


The Bitter single: throwing yourself into your work to avoid having to think about how lonely you are, and rolling your eyes every time you see a cute yet revolting couple kissing in the middle of the sidewalk. The Solution: We can’t get rid of the annoying kissers but we can help you avoid all the places where they might be – Shoppers Drug Mart, Loblaws, the dry cleaners, Yorkdale.  We encourage you to lock yourself in your office and not emerge until February 15th.


The Grateful single: whether you’re celebrating a long overdue breakup or the fact that you don’t have to report to anyone or spend countless hours worrying about what to get your significant other, an evening with other singles or on your own fits just perfectly into your calendar. The Solution: Why not host a small casual dinner at your place for a few of your closest friends.  We’ll take care of choosing the menu, purchasing flowers, and helping you set up your home for the event, and be gone before your guests even arrive, they won’t even know you had help!


The Workaholic partner: great, you bring home the bacon, we’re all very happy for you.  While you’re off jet setting to Singapore for a business meeting your partner is sitting at home wishing you could be there instead of off in some shmancy hotel room.  The Solution: We’ll pick up a webcam and help your partner set up Skype on your home computer.  It’ll be just like you’re really there.


The Perfect partner: You thought of the perfect personalized gift for your partner and know their favourite flower, and even planned to drop rose petals up the stairs to your bedroom, but you just caught your kids case of the flu, and haven’t been able to leave the house for a week to pick any of it up. The Solution: Tell us exactly what you need and we’ll pick it all up and drop it off while your partner is at work.  They’ll never know how you managed to make it all happen.


The I forgot partner: remember the time you finished the milk and your partner gave you the silent treatment for the rest of the day because there was no milk left for morning coffee? If you’re the forgetful type you might very well be in the biggest trouble this February if you forget about Valentine’s Day.  Common, it’s the same day every year.  There shouldn’t be any excuses. The Solution: Have us give you a call the day of to remind you to pick up a card and chocolate on the way home from work.  Or why not have us pick up everything for you and deliver it to your office.


Which one are you?


February is a busy month, and the grand opening of I Dream of Jodi. So this February purchase any of our prepaid packages and get an additional one at half price.

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