Virtual Assistance

Virtual Assistance

Are you completely hopeless when it comes to technology? Struggling to send out your newsletter, reformat a file, or send out a survey?  Or are you working from home and Netflix keeps calling your name and need someone to help keep you on track? Don’t fret – I Dream of Jodi has got you covered!

Personal Assistance

Personal Assistance

Do you need your home organized, someone to wait for the cable guy or check on your home while you’re out of town,  or do you need someone to teach your dad how to use Zoom? I Dream of Jodi can help you with all this and more.  It’s like having your very own personal assistant!

Gifts & Flowers

Gifts & Flowers

Do you have the creativity of a gift card? Does your gift wrapping look like a five year old did it? Do you know what a Ranunculus even is? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. For all your personalized gifts, wrapping, and flowering arrangements, give us a holler!

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What Our Clients Say

I do dream of Jodi! Living on the West coast and heavily relying on Jodi to handle my Toronto life and business... easy, insightful, dynamic, reliable... worth every penny!

Laura Jane Globe Trotter

Jodi arrived promptly and with a great attitude and she was ready to tackle the mess in my laundry room. 3 hours and 14 garbage bags later, the space looks open and amazing and Jodi never once complained about the dust, lint and mess, which had been worsening over the years. I couldn’t have done it without Jodi’s help!

Mary Claire T. Laundry Room Owner

What a relief. While I worked, Jodi researched and booked the best deals for flights, a cruise, shore excursions, hotels, tours, car rentals, shuttles...even dinners at our southern destinations. The month flew by without a single hitch. She was great! I will absolutely hire her again for my next vacation.

R.G. World Traveller

Jodi is a Genie! She is accommodating, patient, and hardworking and takes every assignment in stride. Jodi helped me pack and move, she supervised the movers and took extra care to make sure it went smoothly. I completely relied on her and had no worries.

Sarena K. Mover & Shaker


Jodi is very quick and efficient at any job you ask her for help on. I've relied on her for travel planning (and her itinerary was bang on with best use of time), to deliveries, and all went without a hitch!

Athena Constantinou Mortgage Broker

Jodi meticulously took us through our wedding day, bringing order to things that felt chaotic. She raised tough questions and left no stone unturned. When we were at a loss for solutions, Jodi came up with ideas that made sense. The day before the wedding, a hurricane passed through, cutting the power to the house and threatening to ruin our day. Jodi remained calm and helped us come up with a panic-free backup plan. In the end, we had the day we'd dreamed of.

Daniel G. Groom

I love I Dream of Jodi. I have used this fine service time and again for a variety of business related (and also social) needs. Jodi can competently handle anything I throw her way, from organising a speaking event, to designing signage, to running an online marketing campaign, to office organisation projects and beyond. I will continue to complement work we do at my business with her expertise. Recommend without hesitation.

James Braithwaite Physiotherapist

Jodi designed photo albums to commemorate a special anniversary event. Jodi took a special interest in creating a wonderful memento, she organized the pictures and handed me a finished beautiful product.

S.K. Hostess with the Mostess