The referrals we receive from you are priceless to us. We understand that referrals reflect the confidence and trust that you have in our service. In addition to our personal thanks for the business you bring us, we have created a program to reward you for your continued support.

Should you know of any person or company that would benefit from our services, please recommend I Dream of Jodi. In return, for every 10 hours purchased by a new customer you refer, you will receive one hour of À la carte service absolutely free. It is that simple!

We assure you that we will go out of our way to speak with your referral and work closely with them to find a solution that’s right for them. We want their experience to leave them feeling like they are in good hands.

Referrals can be made in two ways.  Your contact emails us through our website and puts your name/company in the referral section or calls us and let’s us know that they heard about us through you prior to purchasing our service.  Or, give us the name and number of someone you know who needs our service but may need that extra push to get going, and we will contact them directly.

If you have any questions about our referral service, please don’t hesistate to contact us.

We hope you will share your experience with I Dream of Jodi. Send your success story about our services to your network of contacts. Or, let us feature you/your company on our website – submit a testimonial.


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